About Le Moulin de Larcy

Forget the traffic, wave goodbye to the crowds and head on down to the Dordogne where getting away from it all has been elevated to an art-form.

As you enter the winding lane that leads to the mill you feel the real world and its stresses slipping away. This is a place that works magic on tired minds and stressed bodies restoring calm, balance and a sense of peace.

Sitting quietly in 20 acres of completely private grounds on the banks of the River Dronne, the mill invites you to stroll a little, sit a while and let your mind unwind to the backing track of the murmur and ripple of the water.

Nestled in the heart of the world-renowned Perigord region, the Moulin presents the best of all worlds: a luxurious, away-from-it-all experience with the option to dip in and enjoy some of the best cuisine, prettiest towns and most stunning countryside that France has to offer.

Le Moulin de Larcy has been lovingly restored to create three stylish apartment suites, each brimming with character and perfect for a luxurious relaxing break. Before booking, we would like to share with you a little bit ‘About Us’.

Michelin Guide France

In 2009 Moulin de Larcy was selected by Michelin to appear in their prestigious ‘French Guide’ and to date has passed the Michelin annual inspection to remain in the Guide. Michelin also selected Moulin de Larcy to be featured in ‘Escapades en Chambres d’hôtes: 330 adresses de charme en France’. The listing in these publications is entirely at the discretion and cost of the Michelin organisation. Moulin de Larcy are proud to be associated with Michelin.

A magical setting

With its combination of woodland and water the Moulin de Larcy is a natural haven. The river is teeming with fish, the trees are home to many types of bird and red squirrels entertain with their antics. Take time to sit in peace by the river and enjoy glimpses of the wildlife or let your inner child run free as you pass a few minutes on one of the five swings on the woodland island! The surroundings are the perfect place to take time to reflect or make plans!

Go down a gear

A visit to the Moulin de Larcy is a time to be kind to yourself. Think of it as pushing your own personal re-set button. A quiet breakfast on the terrace, a walk on the island, a swim in the blue water of the pool – that’s as stressful as life here gets! Read, relax (we defy you not to take a nap…) and enjoy this special sanctuary of peace and child-free calm. At Moulin de Larcy we really do want you to relieve the burden of your daily life through your time here.

Try our activities

Help yourself to a fly-rod and enjoy an afternoon along the three kilometres of river frontage trying to hook the elusive wild brown trout. Take a break and sit on one of the many benches along the river banks – the sound and sight of water are profoundly relaxing. If you wish to try one of our luxury it’s all about you courses, please let us know when booking and we will ensure that everything is arranged in advance.

Soothe the spirit

There’s a certain type of inner calm that only being next to nature can bestow. It comes from the slow, steady turn of the seasons, the feeling of warm breezes and cool water, the sounds of birds going about their business oblivious to the stresses with which we saddle ourselves. Le Moulin de Larcy offers the perfect environment to rediscover all that’s good about yourself. If you are interested in finding out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We believe your stay should have a positive influence on wellbeing. Why not maximize the benefits of your stay with a programme of wellbeing treatments? We would be pleased to organise suitable therapies tailored to your individual requirements. The programme may include a range of massage therapies, gentle exercise, meditation, yoga (we would be pleased to organise individual classes for beginners), and talking with a nutritionist.

Dining outdoors

With our long summer days it stays light until almost 11pm. Take advantage of the fresh air and dine outside either using the apartment kitchen, or let us prepare a meal of your choice. All our meals are freshly prepared and where possible we use home-produced ingredients. This ensures that our meals are not only healthy, but taste incredible! Where we are unable to grow our own, we purchase fresh produce from the local markets.

Natural Goodness

It seems logical to us to cultivate what thrives locally. We are proud to grow a range of vegetables in our own organic kitchen garden, make organic honey from our bee hives and use grapes and nuts from our vines and trees. Feeding our hens with organic corn means that we have a daily supply of great tasting fresh eggs.